Khmer Music Android app allows users listen to music via online or offline play on their phone with internet connection or without. It is fully functional music player app, This is a clean java code and you can open with latest android studio version. If you are happy with functionality and design of the app then you do not need to modify any code at all. You only need to configure change your app name and config endpoint as yours.

Android Features

  • Android version 5 up
  • Show playing in lock screen
  • Next or Previous Music in lock screen
  • Play or Pause in lock screen
  • Streaming or Offline
  • Beautiful lock screen with artist, poster and duration
  • Listing Artist Screen
  • Listing Music Screen
  • Search Screen
  • More Screen
  • Downloaded

Image demo screen

Laravel Backend Management

  • Artists
  • Music
  • Albums
  • Genres

Laravel backend

Before you buy this item we would like to recommend you go to read some information on website because I use this api for upload image and audio files for free account

If you have any idea to suggest update for next version please email me:

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

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