Laraship Form Builder is the ultimate Form Designer and Renderer for your websites, design and embed your forms in few minutes.

If you haven’t started your website yet, don’t worry; Form Builder is shipped Laraship with CMS and Website Administration Platform

Laraship Form Builder Features

  • 14 Field Types.
  • Intutive Form Design with Drag & Drop.
  • Varoius options for each field type .
  • Multiple submission actions :  Save to Database , Call API , Send Email.
  • On Success and OnError configuration.
  • Shotcodes to embed easily on any CMS page or template.
  • Responsive Embed code to embed forms in external websites
  • Duplication submission detection.
  • Bootstrap 3 and ajax rendering .
  • View and export submissions .

Laraship CMS & Admin Features

  • User Management.
  • Content Management System: manage pages, posts, news, categories, tags with Page Builder
  • Two Factor Authentication .
  • Profile Management: with Profile image cropper.
  • Access Control: including Roles and Permissions
  • Authentication Management : Login / Register / Forgot Password.
  • Menu Builder: Manage dashboard and website menus
  • Setting Management: handle different settings like single value, array, files, numeric…
  • Activity log: monitors user activities and handle exceptions.
  • Slider Manager: includes video / image and HTML types.
  • File Manager: manage your files and embed them easily to HTML editors.
  • Google Analytics Integration: visitor analytics on your dashboard.
  • Awesome Dashboard: with System overview analytics.
  • Widgets: snippets to be included easily
  • FrontEnd theme
  • Automatic Remote updates for Modules.
  • Theme Management.


Demo is available at

Documentation is available at

Why Laraship:

  • Latest Version of Laravel with Laravel 5.5  & Bootstrap 3
  • Encrypted URLs, SSL tested to ensure security
  • Actions and Filters Hooks for ease of customization
  • Beautiful theme for the dashboard and additional frontend theme.
  • Responsive and tested on all modern browsers.
  • Modular structure for scalability and maintainability.
  • SEO friendly: Ease of set titles and meta tags and  metas for twitter and opengraph.
  • Periodic updates and additional features.
  • Incredible support team.
  • Available for Freelance and customizations.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Widgets & Shortcodes for easy embedding.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Compatible with Laraship Subscriptions too. 




v1.0 – 23/01/2018

- Initial Release



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